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SmartMachining is a revolutionary way of thinking about designing custom cabinetry. With easy to set preset parameters, SmartMachining will add holes in AutoCAD® solids in an intuitive way to your company’s specifications. We have included samples of certain industry standard boring patterns, but you can expand on these easily. SmartMachining consists of six modules, which are sold as one suite, for standard drilling tasks, each with their own AutoCAD® button and each with their own menu and sets of parameters. Any combination of metric or inch drawings or machining units can be selected. Please click on the links below for a more detailed description of each module. Presets can now be stored as a group to facilitate the use of different shop standards for different jobs.

Line Drilling Drawer Slide Hinge Drilling
Knock Down Fittings
Tongue & Groove Dowels & Confirmats® Remove Holes

SmartMachining, by itself, makes applying boring patterns easy in AutoCAD® solids, but its real strength is shown when it works in conjunction with MillLister, Inc.’s product, SmartLister. You can find out more about this product at . SmartLister is a unique program that allows for easy manipulation of AutoCAD solids. Here is a list of some of its other substantial abilities:

Measure 3D solids, regardless of orientation and symmetry.
Stretch 3D solids, even multiple 3D solids at the same time.
Feature recognize 3D solids on six sides.
Generate CAM ready 2D dxf files.
Create CSV and MDB files for import into optimizers and accounting systems.
Group, sort and filter your cut lists.
Scale 3D solids from Imperial to Metric or Metric to Imperial on export.
Measure non-solids.
Group hundreds of solids almost instantly for easy selection.
Control the visibility of all the objects in your drawing, regardless of layer.
Move and copy assemblies as if they were 2D.
Limitless export profiles to export the data in any order you want.
Export 3D solids and lay them flat.
Create exploded 3D assembly views.
Add balloons that auto-fill will with the part’s number.
Modify the way your feature recognition works depending on material type.
Move, copy, array, erase, copy-rotate and mirror holes in multiple solids in one operation.

SmartLister now creates individual layered DXF outputs for each piece in the drawing in a format easily read by AlphaCAM or MasterCAM or a multitude of other CNC specific post processors. This allows for direct input into your CNC machining operation whether it be a point to point machining or CNC router with the most efficient application being nested base manufacturing.

One of the strengths of SmartMachining is to let your manufacturing facility create the joints and holes you want to, without being tied to parametric predesigned cabinet configurations by others. This is especially useful in one of a kind products. The six SmartMachining modules are: line boring, drawer slide boring, hinge hole and hinge plate boring, tongue and groove joinery, doweled or Confimat™ joinery, and a botton to remove all holes from the part. By combining certain of these modules, KD fittings can also be bored for. Please click on the links below or at the top of the page to get a more detailed description of each of the SmartMachining modules.